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    Musicians Making A Difference - MMAD: 7%

PUBLIC MINTING 30.10.22 [48hr AL from 28.10.22- 1 free claim / 0.007e public with 7% of mint going to MMAD charity]———Tonal Muse OnChain (CC0) is the first ever set of 3,333 musical instruments to live completely on-chain on Ethereum. We are donating 7% revenue directly from the mint to MMAD - Musicians Making A Difference [ ]———As the follow up to Tonal Muse OG collection [ ], which is the first ever 270 piece musical instrument PFP set on Etherium - all 3,333 NFT's in the TonalMuse OnChain collection will serve as the first access pass to our audio/visual digital art releases, physicals & gated metaverse events in our native experiential metaGallery [ ]———Founder • @onilk ——— Metaverse Architect • @SenjienZ //

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